Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Complete Management System

Equipped with the latest processing facilities, which are fully EU and HACCP accredited and comply with FDA requirements.


Our MRE(meal ready to eat) , emergency food rations and canned food processing is executed under the ISO 9001 Quality Systems to assure that all products meet your quality standards.

Import Quality, Export Integrity

With global clients including Europe, America, Australia, Singapore and other countries, you can find a full range of 100% natural with zero additives our products here.


We devotes to offer you MRE(meal ready to eat) , emergency food rations and canned food that can be long shelf life, high energy and multi vitamin minerals

Quality Assurance

Details Make Quality

Quality Assurance

Raw Material Inspection

Ensure all raw material without chemical additive and are certified.

Production Inspection

Strictly implement production operation process files , and raw materials records, production records, and various index records.

Microbiological Index Inspection

In all parts of production, semi-finished products and finished products are inspected for microbiological indicators by professional equipment, and they can only be released after they meet the standards.

Metal Inspection

Finished products are inspected that they do not have metal by metal detection equipment.


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